21 Jan 2021

Is Home Care Covered by OHIP?

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Is Home Care Covered by OHIP?

Canada is known for its top-rated public health system, but our publicly funded system still has some limitations when it comes to elderly care programs. If you’re trying to understand how much coverage OHIP will provide for those aging at home, this article will help you understand your options regarding home care in Ontario, and what is covered by our publicly funded system. 

What Does OHIP Cover?

Your OHIP health card gives you access to a number of publicly funded health care services including doctor visits, hospital stays, ambulance services, dental surgery, eye health, foot care, and physiotherapy. It will pay for any basic medical treatments and it will also cover many elder care services, including home care, but only if you are eligible. 

For those who do qualify, OHIP will fully or partially cover the assistance of a health care professional to care for your wounds, monitor medication, and provide dietary services. A caregiver will also be provided to help you with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and driving you to your appointments if required. Physiotherapy, speech therapy, and homemaking services might also be covered. 

How is Private Home Care Different?

Not everyone qualifies for publicly funded home care, and government programs don’t often provide enough hours of care for everyone’s unique needs. When you don’t qualify or if you need more care than the government program provides, you still have the option to pay for private home care. Some families prefer this route, even when they are fully covered by OHIP because it provides more choice over the agency you choose, along with frequency, length of visits, and services.  

Is Private Care Worth It?

When you choose OHIP-covered support, you are at the mercy of the government program. You will not be given much choice when it comes to how often a nurse will visit, how long they will stay, and what they will do. Also, with public care, you are not guaranteed to have the same nurse twice, and the amount of time the nurse can spend with you is also limited. Private care is and has always been better. With private care, you can pay for as much care as you need (a few hours a week, a day or around-the-clock care). Specific nurses and caregivers will also be assigned to you based on your condition to ensure you get the very best level of support every time. 

How Do You Pay for Private Home Care?

There are many different ways to pay for private home care. This includes paying through private insurance, employee benefits plans, out of pocket, or through financial support. The government also offers financial aid, allowances, grants and disability tax credits that can also help to cover some of the costs. 

Private care is more affordable than you think. Contact us today at C-Care Health Services to learn more about the private home care service we offer. 

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