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Dementia Care Toronto

Dementia involves a progressive loss of cognitive functions. Over time, this can become overwhelming and frustrating for individuals and their families. Our personal support workers can provide dementia care in Toronto needed to minimize the difficulties. We can offer individuals the reassurance and support they need throughout the process.

Dementia consists of the progressive decline in a person’s cognitive abilities and can affect their daily functions. It’s one of the most difficult conditions for people and their families to face in the aging process.

As we enter our later years, the likelihood of experiencing dementia increases. Symptoms cause people to feel uncertain and vulnerable in the face of increasing difficulty with everyday tasks.

As the stages advance over time, people require an increasing amount of care whether long-term home care or admission into a care facility.

Addressing Dementia Early

By recognizing the early, careful treatment planning can take place. This will help prevent a serious crisis and gives people the opportunity to consider their own treatment plan, including where they would like their care to take place. This gives them the reassurance they need when facing the difficulties associated with dementia.

Once a diagnosis has been made, people affected with dementia and their families can get information to educate themselves and prepare for the coming stages. This allows for the proper support system to be put in place and helps with key decisions that must be made early on.

The Pain of Dementia

As dementia progresses, people become unable to communicate with those around them. This can create difficulty and frustration for them as well for those around them. In addition, as they begin to lose their ability to effectively share their feelings, they can find it hard to understand others.

As care providers, we must always strive to maintain the self-esteem of people who struggle through the emotions that result from dementia. Physical contact can be an effective and appropriate method of connecting and maintaining the attention of those suffering.

We must understand and empathize with patients in a way that allows us to clearly listen to the needs they have, so that we may provide the care they need. This illness can affect sleep patterns and mobility, leading to other issues that need consideration.

Providing our clients with the treatment they need, and the support to help their families, we bring them closer to managing themselves and move forward in their lives. Personal support workers provide personal and intimate care, providing security that eases the minds of primary caregivers while creating an environment of comfort and safety for the individual.

Dementia support workers maintain communication with the individual and their loved ones to ensure that their personal preferences and needs are being met. Any changes in symptoms, behaviour, or mood are monitored and recorded for effective assessment and solutions to changes in condition.

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    Client Testimonials

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