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Our Core Values

We are your healthcare solution…

Our Mission

Home Personal Care ServicesTo be “part of the healthcare solution” by providing compassionate, competent and committed care, and in maintaining optimum level of staffing in the healthcare system.

To diligently focus on the needs of both clients and healthcare providers, and to continually improve our integrated operation in keeping the high quality of services and professional standards in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

To identify and respond to clients’ staffing needs in a timely fashion, and to work cohesively within a variety of healthcare institutions in order to achieve clinical excellence.

Compliance and Assurance

C-Care operates within the standards and guidelines that commensurate with the philosophies, objectives, policies and procedures mandated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), National Association of Career Colleges (NACC), and in accordance with federal and provincial laws and regulations.

C-Care Health Services is a current member of Home Care Ontario, a member-­‐based organization representing providers of quality home care services from across Ontario.

C-Care Health Services, as a company, is insured for professional and general liability, and its healthcare providers are covered the by Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

C-Care, on behalf of its healthcare providers, also contributes to Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) as regulated by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The C-Care Health Services Quality Assurance Program is established and implemented to ensure that our healthcare providers conduct themselves with professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and adhere to the standards of specific healthcare sectors. It includes careful assessment of healthcare provider qualifications, comprehensive screening and hiring process (including health and police clearance), performance evaluation, appropriate facility orientation, and adherence to C-Care policies and procedures.


    Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received! The caregiver you sent was great and very professional. I will definitely recommend C-Care to my friends.

    Private Care - Toronto East General Hospital

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