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Nursing & Palliative Care Toronto

C-Care has become a leading provider of palliative care. As more health care providers understand the importance of removing the symptoms and stress of illnesses, our care staff provides relief to a wide range of illnesses.

When serious conditions take hold of people, palliative care can provide relief of pain and symptoms. The focus on palliative treatment is to remove the stress of any illness, rather than trying to cure it.

Palliative care emphasizes comfort and peace of mind for people and their loved ones. It can be applied at any stage of illness and to a variety of backgrounds. Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s all benefit from quality palliative care.

Role of Personal Support Workers in Palliative Care

The purpose of palliative care is to relieve the suffering of individuals, minimize the symptoms of illness, and enhance the quality of life. Serious illnesses including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and others can benefit from high-quality palliative care.

Personal support workers play a vital role in palliative care, and perform a number of duties that contribute to a comprehensive care program. They must have the skills for effective care including knowledge and personal attributes that contribute to the well-being of the individuals they care for.

The following are duties required for the palliative care of individuals suffering from serious health issues:

Palliative care helps to remove the undue stress, pain, and emotional challenges of serious illnesses. Personal support workers provide a wide range of services that help individuals and their families during the difficult transitions that arise during illness. Understanding the duties of support workers ensures that the highest level of care is provided to those who need it most.

Relief of Symptoms

In the more serious illnesses, symptoms such as pain, fatigue, nausea, and depression can add tremendous discomfort to an already difficult situation. We use palliative treatment methods to provide relief of these symptoms, while also guiding people and their families through the various, and often-difficult treatment choices.

Our team provides direct communication to help people manage the healthcare system, while providing the emotional support needed through their illness. Palliative treatment is ideal for those who are dealing with chronic illnesses as well as people who are at the end stages of life.

Multidisciplinary Approach

In order to relieve symptoms of illnesses, palliative care must take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. This includes the expertise of physicians, nurses, psychologist, and social workers that all make up the person’s support system.

Beyond the physical needs, emotional and spiritual challenges can occur in more serious illnesses that require the sensitivity to address these concerns. Our palliative care staff ensures that all aspects of the person’s needs are addressed for full relief of pain.

Palliative care can also be provided in earlier stages of illness as a part of a person’s overall treatment program. The emphasis on quality of life for each person has become a major part of treatment in recent years. As more health care providers focus on providing the highest quality of life for their clients, palliative care has become even more essential in disease treatment.

C-Care offers a comprehensive approach to palliative care. We are committed to improving the healing process by reducing the severity of symptoms related to illness. This adds a new level of care to individuals and their families.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received! The caregiver you sent was great and very professional. I will definitely recommend C-Care to my friends.

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