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Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received! The caregiver you sent was great and very professional. I will definitely recommend C-Care to my friends.

C-Care Health Services

"Private Care - Toronto East General Hospital"

The caregivers you sent to us were a wonderful group of ladies. May mom and I found them very professional, but also very good company. Thanks so much to them all!

C-Care Health Services

"Private Care - In Home (Richmond Hill)"

Thank you. Your services were worth every penny to me and my husband. It gave me peace of mind and it gave him comfort.

C-Care Health Services

"Private Care - In Home (Toronto)"

Thank you. I know it gave Ron great peace of mind to have your workers sit with him.

C-Care Health Services

"Private Care - Perram House"

It has been a long and difficult journey. We never would have survived without these 3 women.

Your staff were wonderful to my mother and their loving and compassionate care made her last months as comfortable and positive as possible. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and they always went beyond the call of their professional duty to make her feel safe and loved. She trusted them completely and relied on them to meet her every need.

Mary and I enjoyed their company as all 3 woman are intelligent, compassionate and dedicated nurses. They helped us get through each day with their understanding and continuous support. We cried and sometimes laughed and their patience and respect for our mother saw us through the many painful days. Thanks for all of your help and support. Kensington Hospice certainly recognizes the efforts and professionalism of your outstanding staff from C-Care.

C-Care Health Services

"Private Care - Kensington Hospice"

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