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    Senior Home Care Services Toronto

    Home Care Services

    Elderly Home Care Services

    Whether your loved one needs help for a few hours or around the clock, C-Care can provide peace of mind...

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    Hospital / Facility Private Care

    In-Hospital Private Care Support

    As much as we would like our loved ones to be cared for in the privacy and security of their own homes, they...

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    Facility Staffing

    Nurse Staffing Agency

    We know that providing the highest quality of care for your patients is always your top priority...

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    A Senior Care Home Health Agency You Can Trust

    At C-Care, we believe in compassionate and attentive service to ensure your loved ones are efficiently looked after. Individual assessments and personalized care plans are only part of the equation; our team also consists of dedicated caregiving and nursing professionals who love what they do. We enjoy making a difference every day in the lives of those we are trusted to support.

    We strive to always be a senior care home health agency you can trust. Our goal is to ensure this happens from the moment you pick up the phone to arrange a consultation. We put our patients and their families first, all while ensuring our exceptional team is supported in all the right ways.

    Why Choose C-Care?

    Your health care needs will be listened to, and will be carefully assessed individually and professionally by our Clinical Consultants.Our C-Care Health Services Management Team consists of professionals with varied clinical, staffing and administrative expertise. They keep abreast with modern health care practices through active participation in various health care-related organizations. The C-Care Health Services Management Team has the commitment to provide the best quality of health care services to clients, with the following advantages and points of interest to consider...

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    Why Choose In-Home Care?

    Whether your loved one needs help for a few hours or around the clock, C-Care can provide peace of mind. Not only do our clients receive high-quality, professional care, but they also benefit from many other advantages:

    What We Offer

    At C-Care, we believe your loved one deserves the best, which is why our competent, compassionate healthcare providers are always ready to assist in your time of need. Based on your situation, C-Care can provide:

    Personal Care and Support: Assistance with dressing, feeding, washing, and toileting, as well as advice, encouragement, and emotional and psychological support.

    Elder Care: The level of senior care varies, from 24-hour care to a day nurse who drops in on older patients for a few hours each day. Since seniors are prone to a wider variety of health problems, infections and other complications, our professionals are trained to address these issues, ensuring the highest level of medical support and attentiveness.

    Senior Home Care Assistance: The practitioner helps patients tend to their everyday needs at home. Our in-home senior care in Toronto may include skilled nursing in addition to speech, occupational and physical therapy. In many cases, it includes assistance with household chores and monitoring the patient’s prescriptions.

    Professional Healthcare Services: Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses are trained and available to assist – no matter what circumstances your loved one is facing.

    Privacy and Comfort

    Being at home gives people the privacy they need in the most difficult time since health issues can be demanding physically and emotionally. Families gain peace of mind in knowing that qualified professional staff is close by to answer any questions. Communication is direct and can better meet the preferences of all family members. Routine personal attending to, feeding, and social interactions help create an effective program for long-term health.

    First Steps

    We understand how overwhelming it is to have the responsibility of caring for a sick or disabled family member. Our professionally trained healthcare providers are ready to help you navigate this demanding experience, ensuring you are well informed and can make the best decisions possible for your loved one. Individual health needs are assessed by clinical consultants who are also experienced, registered nurses. After fully exploring and understanding your needs, They will confidently recommend the services that best suit your needs.

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