6 May 2022

Understanding and Empathizing with Seniors About Retirement Home Care

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Senior citizens are exactly that: citizens! They’re unique and well-travelled individuals, human beings, who have lived long and eventful lives. It’s also likely that they enjoyed ample independence and self-sufficiency up until recently. Sometimes, however, the need arises to consider whether retirement home care is a better solution for them, and this is not something that a senior will normally greet with open arms.

The prospect of leaving home for somewhere new and entrusting their care needs to others can trigger a wide array of emotions. But together, with compassion and attentiveness, you can both navigate this stage of their journey in life with newfound optimism and contentment.

Here are some ways on how to do exactly that.

Listen and Learn!

Even when a senior loved one lives with a difficult or impossible-to-cure debilitation, they are still human. They still feel. They don’t lose all their knowledge or cognitive control overnight. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the loved one looking into retirement home options to take their input seriously. Let it inform the decision, get them involved in the planning, and set them up for success in an inspiring, positive new environment with the support they need to enjoy all their days to come!

The Power of Perspective

Not all retirement communities are made equal. Some may not appeal to your senior loved one or even create a stigmatized phobia that they’re “all the same.” That’s very much not the case, we can assure you, and it’s important that you help them shape a positive, optimistic perspective without forcing them into something they do not want to do. 

Instead, take the approach of helping to address their concerns directly. Bring them in to visit and tour the facility and meet the team there or, if this sounds like too much for them, watch video tours and read through programming information together. The power of perspective is an incredible thing, and it’s essential that you both understand where your loved one is coming from and where they want to be headed.

Being Open to Alternative Care Solutions

If a loved one tells you that they are not ready to live in a retirement home, and if they are still of sound mind and body, let them make the call. Instead, they may prefer remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, surrounded by their belongings, loved ones, and mementos. 

Many seniors feel this way, and that’s okay! This is why in-home caregiving services are quickly becoming a popular alternative solution. We can bring the support to them instead, helping to maintain their independence and integrity, while also providing social stimulation and highly beneficial human interaction.

Have questions about our in-home caregiving or retirement home care services, or need advice on how best to assist your senior loved one? We at C-Care Health Services are happy to help. Reach out to us today to get started.

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