23 Mar 2022

How to Work with Siblings to Care for an Aging Parent

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How to Work with Siblings to Care for an Aging Parent

For many families, figuring out how to work with siblings to care for an aging parent can add a lot more stress to your already full plate. There can be a lot to manage, from arranging meals to taking them to appointments to dealing with clashing personalities. Below, we share some of our best advice to help you, your parents, and your siblings get through this challenging time.

Host Family Meetings

One of the best ways to avoid conflict right from the get-go is by arranging family meetings before your parent needs a serious level of care. This way, you can avoid the blame game and iron out a schedule that makes sense for you and your siblings. Try to set some ground rules where everyone can be heard and respected. Everyone should be able to share their feelings and opinions during this time. And some siblings might not be comfortable taking on certain responsibilities. In this case, consider alternative roles they can take on instead. We recommend scheduling these meetings a regular basis, once every few months or more if need be.

Be Flexible

As your parent ages, their level of care will increase and change. So it’s important to be prepared for this too and be flexible. Make sure each sibling is aware that more time, dedication and financial support will be needed from everyone. 

Consider a Professional Caregiver to Assist You

As your parent’s care needs evolve, the option of hiring a professional caregiver might be ideal. They can take over many of the daily tasks, such as assisting with personal hygiene and meal preparation, which can give you and your siblings more time to spend and enjoy with them. It can also help to eliminate the source of conflict.

Be Sensitive and Patient

Even as adults, there can be many challenging dynamics among family members, including between parents and siblings. If certain tensions exist between your sibling and parent, try to be sensitive to their needs. You can always try to ease the situation, but at the end of the day, it’s not your call to make. If a sibling does not want to help, you cannot force them.

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