26 Mar 2018

8 Conditions That Are Similar To Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease is a degenerative brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory and cognitive abilities. There are over 100 diseases and conditions that can mimic Alzheimer’s, so it is easy to immediately think you or a loved one have developed this incurable scourge. Fortunately, many other conditions that are similar to Alzheimer’s disease are treatable. We will highlight the most common early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and then discuss 8 other conditions that are similar. Early Alzheimer’s Symptoms Memory loss that affects daily life, especially recently learned information. Driving to familiar places may become difficult, or forgetting important dates, or the day of the week. Repetitive questioning is another early symptom. Difficulty solving problems or doing familiar tasks like paying bills and cooking dinner. Many tasks will take longer to do. Problems with words and vocabulary, both spoken and written. Changes in mood and/or personality, like confusion, suspicion, fear,…

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