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Etobicoke Home Care Services

Integrity-Focused and Personalized Services

Looking for compassionate home care that you can depend on in Etobicoke? At C-Care Health Services, we’ve been the trusted name that Canadians have turned to for the past 15 years when they need help taking care of their loved ones.

We understand that life can throw hurdles your way when you least expect it. And when you or a loved one suddenly requires extra care, whether it’s from a sudden injury, illness, surgery or an elderly loved one who can no longer live independently, it can be extremely overwhelming to handle. Instead of taking it all on your shoulders, our team of qualified health professionals is here to help.

Our Services

Home Care

Let your loved one discover best-in-class nursing care in the comforts of home, surrounded by the familiar and what’s theirs to cherish. 

Hospital Private Duty Care 

We coordinate with accuracy and in a timely manner with hospital staff to ensure the best possible experience for your loved one, no matter where they need to be.

Palliative Care

C-Care prioritizes dignity and peace of mind for patients and their families. Let those final moments yield wonderful memories together, and let’s help you create many of them.

Post-Surgery & Wound Care

We can provide safe transportation to and from surgery, recovery assistance, and much more.

Stroke Recovery Care

Our approach to stroke recovery care focuses on the individual rather than a general process, building out a custom-tailored solution that best suits your loved one’s present and projected capabilities.

Elder Care

Whether for a friend on the other side of the chessboard or someone to take care of bed changes, we’re here for your loved ones and prioritize their integrity in addition to comfort.

Alzheimer’s Care

With active monitoring and personalized care, we can help your loved one develop a daily routine, feel their best, and live a fulfilling and comfortable life without putting themselves at risk.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABS) Care

ABS patients can be of any age or medical background. We deliver the same attentive caregiving services to all, personalized to address any concerns or risk elements in a proactive manner.

ALS Care

Our personalized approach to ALS care offers cognitive therapy, plenty of social interaction, and much more.

Dementia Care

Ensure peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones by working with a certified, experienced dementia caregiving professional on our team.

Muscular Dystrophy Care

C-Care is proud to help patients maintain independence and comfort with mobility therapy, all appropriate medication, and ample guidance.

Parkinson’s Disease Care

We offer personalized, precisely refined care regimens to align with your loved one’s specific symptoms, limitations, and needs.

Post-Surgery Escort Services

Whether at the hospital or on the way home from surgery, we keep your loved one safe and comfortable while minimizing stress.

Our Screening Process

Our caregiving team consists of experienced nurses, personal support staff, and other professionals you and your loved one can actively rely on. Depending on the position they hold with us, they’ll undergo specific training and vetting steps to ensure they’re an ideal fit and an effective choice. Each will undergo critical screening and certification processes to verify their suitability for the role in question, and we work closely with them to introduce new techniques, update training and credentials, and more. Our team meets the following certification and qualification criteria:

How to Register for Our Care Services

To get started, all you have to do is give us a call to talk with one of our nurse Care Coordinators. They will consult with you by asking a few questions to learn more about what you need. Then an in-home visit will be arranged to gain a comprehensive assessment and understanding of how we can provide the best level of support and meet your loved one’s needs. When an elderly loved one or a family member needs dedicated care that stretches beyond your capability, you don’t have to endure it all on your own. 

What Makes C-Care Unique

Everyone has different needs, and the right caregiving team can accommodate and adapt to them. That’s us at C-Care, and we take great pride in maintaining a superior quality and client satisfaction standard. With individualized care plans, custom-tailored solutions and consultations, we pair you and your loved one with a professionally trained and experienced caregiver ideal for their needs. We utilize the latest industry innovations including proven technologies, advancements in treatment, and other solutions to improve the patient experience in all areas. These include comfort, wellness, peace of mind, independence, and of course integrity. Above all else, we listen and learn, refining our approach by considering how your loved one is feeling. Their voice is always valued and heard!

When it’s time to seek out professional home care that you can trust, get in touch with our friendly and caring Etobicoke team at C-Care Health Services. We’re here for you!


      Client Testimonials

      Client Testimonials

      Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received! The caregiver you sent was great and very professional. I will definitely recommend C-Care to my friends.

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