6 Apr 2022

The Importance of Managing Chronic Stress as a Caregiver

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The Importance of Managing Chronic Stress as a Caregiver

When working as a dietary aid, personal support worker, caregiver or otherwise, it can feel as if the world is on your shoulders. Patients – and their families – rely on you every single day. With our services in such high demand and only so many caregivers to go around during these ever-trying times, the risk of experiencing chronic stress is high. 

Put short and simply, you must look after yourself first. There is no alternative. Today, let’s explore why that is.

Performance and Efficiency

Your performance will likely wane if you’re burned out in your role. This isn’t due to not wanting to give it your best shot, but rather that you are human. Over time, if the chronic stress is not managed, the risk of becoming less efficient will increase due to the physical and mental exhaustion associated with this condition. 

Alertness and Focus

If your mind and body are overworked from stress, it’s not as easy to look over the smaller details with a sharp eye. However, by managing your chronic stress and maintaining a healthy, supportive way of working that protects you and the patient, you’ll easily spot red flags or areas requiring immediate attention. In addition, everything from retaining crucial information on a patient’s vitals to making informed meal plan changes can be handled with improved focus and attentiveness. 

Mental Health and Wellness

Chronic stress, if left unaddressed, can cause a negative spiral when it comes to our mental health and wellness. Anxiety and depression are entirely possible when this goes unchecked, and these issues come with their own complications that can be challenging to overcome. Ensure that you have proper support, don’t overwork yourself, and try to reduce the number of stress triggers in your life to avoid these needless complications.

Stress Poses a Serious Physical Health and Safety Risk

Chronic stress can even endanger your physical health, not to mention your life. High blood pressure is one of the primary causes of strokes, and your risk of suffering one increases as you get older. Do not let this happen to yourself; get checked regularly by a doctor, monitor for signs of stress, and reduce or remove them from your life as best as possible.

Caregivers work incredibly hard to help others, but there is no reason they shouldn’t look after themselves. If you’re in need of caregiving services that can alleviate the stress in your life, such as if you’re looking after an unwell loved one on your own, we can help at C-Care. Contact us today!

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