24 Oct 2016

3 Things You Should Know About Muscular Dystrophy

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It is common to think of muscular dystrophy as a single disease but in fact it is a group of neuromuscular disorders. Duchenne is the most common form of muscular dystrophy that leads to muscle degeneration and muscle weakness, a disease that begins in childhood. It is genetically based and is caused by a lack of a protein called dystrophin, which goes on to damage the muscles. Ultimately, Duchenne is due to a faulty gene that can be passed on to the baby. In some cases, however, the gene was not passed on from the mother. The basics The muscles in the lower body are usually affected first, including the hips and pelvic area. Eventually, shoulder muscles will also weaken while the skeletal muscles of the upper body will then follow. Symptoms present themselves between the ages of three and five; while this disease is mostly found in boys, it…

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