7 Aug 2017

Tips To Help Seniors Cope With Anxiety

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We all experience some anxiety throughout our lifetime, but seniors are particularly at risk. What percentage of anxiety is productive vs. debilitating depends on a person’s ability to cope with it. If you are caring for your elderly parent(s), most likely you recognize that they have fears and anxieties. Some of these fears may seem rational and some might seem irrational. Regardless of your perception, they are very real to your senior, and you need to treat them as such. So how exactly do your help seniors cope with anxiety? Here are some tips. Identify the Cause of the Anxiety If you want to make your loved one less fearful, start by discovering what exactly is making them feel insecure and anxious. It is perfectly natural that your aging loved one has some anxiety. They might have dealt with a loss, like that of a spouse, or maybe numerous friends…

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