13 Aug 2015

How To Get Free Home Care

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If you live in Ontario and are in need of home care, there are many resources available to you. Government assistance comes in many forms to help older people remain in their homes with proper care, although a majority of people in need of these services are simply unaware of what exactly is available to them.

Getting Free Home Care

These are some of the services available in place by the provincial for senior home care:

    • Vehicle and home modifications:

If you have restricted mobility, you may be eligible for funding to help you get around better in your own home. This includes the installation of ramps, stair or chair lifts, and adjustments to your car.

    • Homemaking support:

As we age, everyday household chores can become difficult. Vacuuming, cooking, grocery shopping – these once easy activities can cause excess strain on our aging bodies.

Assistance is available for those who need help with their day-to-day activities. Everything from paying bills to banking to housework to pet care is covered if you are eligible for homemaking help.

    • Personal care/preventive care:

A professional can come to your house to help with daily care like washing and bathing, mouth care, hair care, dressing and undressing, taking you to appointments, making sure you take your medication, and assisting you with movements like getting in and out of bed, chairs, etc.

It may seem silly to have someone come in to brush your teeth, but when you start to lose your mobility, personal care can become a great asset. Furthermore, these services are also considered preventative because forgetting to perform the little daily activities like washing and taking your medication can cause illness.

    • Health care:

A health care professional can visit your home to provide nursing care, physiotherapy, nutritional guidance and mental support (psychiatry, psychology).

    • Home equipment:

You may need braces, walking aids, cushions, special supports, hearing aids and an adjustable bed. Depending on what your requirements are, the government may cover the cost of this specific equipment.

    • Final-stages care:

This specific type of care is for those who are in the final stages of their lives. End-of-life care allows seniors to live out their last days at home with the help of a nurse, medical supplies and hospice-like services. Final-stages caregivers will also ensure you are comfortable and provide pain management so you can enjoy your final days as peacefully as possible.

Like all government programs, you will need to qualify. It may be hard for you to present yourself in person at an OHIP or Services Canada kiosk. If that’s not an option for you, contact C-Care Health Services to see if you’re eligible for government-funded home care services. We’re happy to help!

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