14 Feb 2020

Strokes: Paving the Path to Recovery

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Strokes: Paving the Path to Recovery

The damage caused by a stroke can be quite debilitating, requiring extensive recovery time. For many stroke survivors, everyday tasks like bathing and dressing can become difficult to perform on their own. Some will also experience problems with their memory, speech and motor skills, making it challenging to move or control certain parts of their body. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, the path to recovery can be long and frustrating, but there’s help just around the corner. Find out how a private care nurse can help.


Once someone has a stroke, their risk of having another one increases. That’s why it’s important to have someone available to monitor their systems to prevent a future stroke from happening. Hiring a private care nurse who is medically trained and has experience managing the risk factors can help to prevent another stroke while ensuring their recovery remains on the right path.

Therapeutic Treatments

The healthcare team will also develop strategies and therapies to begin the rehabilitation process. Appropriate therapeutic treatments, such as physical therapy, speech training, and occupational therapy can be provided to help them relearn any vital skills they may have lost following the stroke and further support their recovery.

Assisting with Daily Needs

Many stroke survivors also lose their independence because they often lose their ability to take proper care of themselves. Until these abilities have been regained, assistance with daily activities is usually required. Care workers can help those in rehabilitation with any day to day tasks that they can no longer do alone such as bathing, grocery shopping, eating or moving from the bed to the bathroom.

Support for Loved Ones

It’s not easy watching a loved one struggle after a stroke. It can incite anxiety, fear, and even depression in family members. A private care nurse can help provide emotional support to family and friends who are also going through a difficult time with the rehabilitation process.

Stroke rehabilitation takes time and can often be a frustrating experience. If this sounds familiar, allow us help. At C-Care we can assist in the recovery process by providing expert care. Our registered nurses and certified personal support workers will provide all the assistance that your loved one needs. From helping with meal preparation to dressing to walking to running errands, and monitoring their recovery, our care team is here to help your loved one get back on their feet. Contact us today!

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