10 Feb 2022

How to Take Care of a Stroke Patient at Home

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How to Take Care of a Stroke Patient at Home

Many patients will experience different symptoms and limitations following a stroke. In some cases, it can lead to partial paralysis, speech impairment, cognitive issues and other complications. In order to provide someone with the right level of care at home, you’ll need to speak with their medical professional to get all the details regarding their condition. Once you have a clear understanding of their needs after being discharged from the hospital, refer to the tips below to aid in your caregiving endeavors.

Assist with Physical Movement and Recovery Exercises

The recovery of mobility, when possible, is crucial after suffering a stroke. Since impaired motor functions are one of the most common conditions that stroke patients face, the best way to help is to kindly support and assist them in moving their body each day with appropriate mobility exercises. The patient’s healthcare provider can give you specific instructions on the exercises most beneficial for strengthening their motor skills and muscle memory.

Create a Daily Routine

Routines can be very helpful for relearning basic skills, ideal for keeping a loved one on the road to recovery as much as possible. We recommend creating a basic schedule that includes small skills to build on with baby steps. Also include their daily exercises to practice movement regularly, in addition to independent actions that they can perform. The trick is to not overwhelm or easily frustrate them, so don’t overdo it on any given day.

Be Patient and Positive

Strokes can cause a widespread amount of damage, impacting their ability to communicate properly, which can be difficult and frustrating for them and you. Not being able to perform basic daily tasks can also cause overwhelming emotions and depression. It’s important during these moments to give your loved one the room to breathe and express their emotions. Try to remain positive with them, encouraging them to focus on every bit of progress, and consider keeping a journal of their progress if need be.

Provide Healthy Wholesome Meals

Getting proper nutrition after suffering from a stroke is essential for assisting and enhancing the patient’s recovery process. Focus on providing them with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, as well as low-fat or lean protein sources. A dietary aide or nutritionist can be a helpful ally in this regard.

Attend Checkups with Doctor

If the doctor recommends checkups, don’t skip them. Even if it seems as though your loved one is making good progress, stroke patients are at a higher risk of experiencing a second stroke. Ensure they are eating right, exercising, taking their prescribed medications, and attending any follow-up appointments.

Remind Them of Happier Times

To help ease the mental hurdles that come along with any recovery process, remind your loved one of happier times by going through old photographs, retelling their favourite stories, and engaging in any other activities that will shed some positive light. Playing music, watching movies that they love together, having family visits and doing anything to get them to laugh are all suitable approaches. These can be some of the best ways to boost their frame of mind and aid the recovery process.

Care for Yourself

Just like we’re told on airplanes to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone, the same applies to this situation. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to offer a genuine level of care to your loved one. So don’t neglect your own needs. Take time to rest, relax, exercise, and engage in activities to give your mind a break from reality. Self care is not selfish, as it’s necessary for you both. 

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