3 Sep 2018

Why Respite Care Is Right for You

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What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a personalized healthcare service that offers the caregivers of elderly and disabled individuals the opportunity to take a break – even for just a couple of hours – while a professional respite worker sees to the needs of your loved one. Respite workers provide daily hygiene and grooming care, physical activity, assistance with feeding, and many more everyday tasks.

Why Respite Care Is Right for You


They are also dedicated medical professionals who can assist with changes to your loved one’s condition, and the interactive process brings a social aspect to the care of your loved one. Not only can respite workers help you provide better care for your friend or family member, but the process helps you take better care of yourself. This allows you, as a caregiver, to take some time to tend to your own needs with the knowledge that your loved one is safe and in good hands.

Respite Care in Canada

Many provinces in Canada have noticed the benefits of respite care on the health care system and on the quality of life of caregivers and their loved ones. This has led to a significant increase in funding across the country. British Columbia recently announced a $75 million increase in funding for respite care, following Ontario’s dedication of $25 million in 2017.

Unfortunately, the costs of respite care vary depending on the nature of the services required and the length of time. Often, these costs are not covered by basic insurance providers, so it can be a large expense for family members who are thrust into the role of caregiver. This funding helps to contribute to caregivers who are dedicating their time to their elderly or disabled loved one.

Benefits for the Patient

Respite care is a valuable service for patients and caregivers alike. The patient receives the attention and professional care of a trained caregiver in the comfort of their own home. By caring for your loved one in a familiar environment, our respite workers help to enhance the quality of life of each patient. All of our C-Care caregivers are trained and educated to be able to help your loved one with everyday tasks, regardless of their condition. Home care also allows patients to maintain their dignity and sense of control, as they can stay in their own home.

Not only can our caregivers help you care for your loved one, but they are trained professionals who can offer advice on how to best treat their condition. Our professionals communicate with the patient and their loved ones to ensure they are receiving the best quality care possible. From help with feeding, bathing, and going to bed to simply offering emotional and psychological support, our team of trained professionals offers a wide variety of services depending on the needs of your loved one.

Benefits for the Caregiver

Caring for another person can be an exhausting and stressful experience, especially if you are thrust into the caregiver role unexpectedly. Beyond the physical and emotional stress that can come with this responsibility, it is often a heavy financial burden, specifically if you must take time off work to care for your loved one. Respite services offer caregivers the chance to take some time for themselves – time to rejuvenate and tend to their own needs. Having occasional breaks throughout the caregiving process prevents caregivers from experiencing burnout, which can have disastrous results and leave both the caregiver and the patient in a position where their needs are not being met.

Respite care also offers caregivers the chance to communicate with a professional who understands the needs of their loved one. At C-Care, all of our respite workers are trained to notice changes in a patient’s condition and to notify the family. We are also available to assist you 24/7, and we are happy to offer advice for inexperienced caregivers who are trying to learn how to best care for their loved one. If you have any questions about the needs of your loved one, or about the care you should be providing them, please reach out to us here and we can discuss your situation.

Why Choose C-Care?

Our C-Care team is made up of a group of experienced, professional people in the healthcare industry. We have nurses and Personal Support Workers on staff that understand the daily demands of caring for another person, and also understand your stress as a caregiver. With over 10 years of experience treating patients in the GTA, C-Care has mastered the human aspect of in-home respite care – our goal is always to make sure you and your loved one feel safe and receive the highest quality care.

We understand that you need a break, and we offer a very flexible care schedule to accommodate your needs. As well, although respite care can be a costly service, we will work with you to design a series of custom services and a budget unique to your needs. For any questions about our services, find out more here.

Caring for a loved one is a monumental task and being thrust into the role of caregiver unexpectedly is even more stressful. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial burden that this can become, and our services are always available for those in need of assistance. If you need any extra help, our respite team is available to assist you in caring for your loved one or simply to answer your questions. At C-Care, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to tailor our services to the level of care your loved one needs.

For more information about respite care in the GTA, or to book an experienced, professional caregiver to assist with your loved one, call C-Care at 1-866-433-1085 or check out our website here.

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