8 Feb 2019

Why Private Duty Hospital Care Can Improve Quality of Life

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Do you have a sick loved one who needs long-term care? While some hospitals are equipped for this, they’re often too busy to provide the personalized attention and care to each person. That’s where private duty hospital care can help. This creates specialized services for your loved one. Whether it be meal preparation, dressing/undressing, assistance to the bathroom, personal hygiene or daily walks – private duty care can be customized to meet the needs of each patient. Let us show you how private duty hospital care can improve the quality of life for them significantly.

Attention When They Need It

It can be incredibly lonely when you have to stay in a hospital. It’s difficult for family members to step away from their own responsibilities to visit, so there can be days if not weeks where your loved one could spend time alone. And while there is onsite staff, they’re paid to focus on everyone’s needs so bonds. With a private duty care nurse, your loved one will get all the personal attention and companionship they need to feel safe and comfortable.

Improved Health

Hiring a private duty hospital care nurse is also a good way to ensure that your loved one is getting the appropriate health care they need. This includes personal hygiene, exercise, mental stimulation, and diet. One particular advantage is that caregivers can create dietary regimes to ensure that their patients receive proper and adequate nutrition for their specific condition. That’s something you don’t often get in a hospital or nursing care. Personal caregivers can also pick up medical prescriptions, run errands, monitor and communicate any concerns or changes to medical personel.

Support And Foster Emotional Wellbeing

Being isolated and not having someone to talk to can lead to depression and emotional decline. Having daily conversations and companionship can help improve patient’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Quality of Life For Family Members

It’s not easy taking care of a loved one, especially when you have work and your own family to attend to. That’s why having a caregiver on hand to help can relieve some of the demands that are often placed on family members. Those who have responsibilities of their own won’t have to feel guilty about focusing on their own chores, family, or missing a visit with their loved one. They can rest assured that care is being provided when they can’t be there.

When you’re ready to offer your loved one the support they need, contact us at C-Care Health Services. We can customize a schedule that works best for your family member. Our professionals can help to improve the quality of life for your loved one.

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