21 May 2018

Why All Nurses Should Be Ready to Provide Palliative Care

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It’s interesting that the birth of life is filled with advanced planning and preparation while, unfortunately, the end of life is consumed with reminding people that you have lived. But while it is natural to be afraid, we do not have to be alone.

Why All Nurses Should Be Ready To Provide Palliative Care

Increasingly, nurses are training in Palliative Care so that proper preparation for our loved one’s survival can be well assisted.

It’s Recommended by the AACN

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing released the revised Recommendations, Competencies and Curricular Guidelines for End-of-Life Nursing Care of 2015, which identifies nurses as critical partners of quality End of Life care for patients with serious illnesses and their families from the time of diagnosis, across the illness trajectory.

High-quality training equips nurses to aid in the mental and emotional stress for the patient and their family. This training is a combination of spiritual-psychosocial health and physical health to assist in the heartache and disparity that accompany terminal illnesses.

Why would nurses need this?

Could you imagine the added stress frequent mourning could cause for a patient who is still alive? Good End-of-Life care aid the family in cherishing moments and helping them recall feelings of joy, humor, and peace during the last stages of life. This can reduce the fear and loneliness that the patient may endure in their last moments.

Be Vigilant about Social Isolation

Living too far from family with a terminal diagnosis without home health services is dangerous. Statistically, a growing number of patients fear loneliness and limit their desire for social engagements due to their illness. This can result in further physical decline, depression, and feelings of helplessness in patients surviving in isolation.

Be mindful of behaviors such as increased lack of contact with your loved ones. Social isolation can be a cry for help for those who feel less than independent.

While some family members are fully aware of each other’s needs, a disturbing diagnosis of a terminal illness or chronic disease can silence an individual, and pull them away from the ones they love and need.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions or age-associated illness and diseases may lead to the need for palliative services either inside the home or at a medical home if necessary. These could be diseases such as:

Increase public awareness, educating family members about the dangers of social isolation is essential to ensuring the last moments of a patient are dignified and full of love.

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