28 Jun 2017

Home Care Vs. Hospital Care: Which Should You Choose?

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As elderly people become less capable of performing basic daily activities on their own, perhaps due to their advanced age or medical conditions, they require additional help to continue enjoying their quality of life.

In many cases, all you need to do is contact a home care agency to find a professional caregiver who can provide the necessary care. But depending on the situation, clinical or hospital care may be more suitable. So, how do you determine which option is best for a loved one?

Is Home Care Better Than Hospital Care?

Pros of Home Care

There are plenty of positives when it comes to home care. The biggest benefit is that your loved one is in a familiar environment that can reduce their stress levels. Not only that, but their family members can visit without having time restraints like hospital visiting hours do. 

With home care, you seek the services of a home care agency to try and recreate an environment similar to that of a nursing facility, but at home. Depending on the needs of your loved one, you can hire a companion to assist with basic activities. A companion who’s skilled in the provision of health care is usually more expensive to hire.

Most people try to stay at home where they can continue enjoying the comfort and amenities they are already used to. This is actually a great option for people who don’t need round-the-clock care. You can set up a schedule where a registered nurse or professional caregiver can come at certain times every day or whenever you may need them. The companion can assist with bathing, meal preparation, transportation, and other tasks. To avoid paying out-of-pocket, it is usually a good idea to seek a long-term-care insurance policy.

Cons of Home Care

While there aren’t very many cons of home care, there are a few things that you may wish to consider when deciding between the two. In certain situations, palliative home care will not be covered by your insurance company. That means you may have to switch to private health insurance or pay out of pocket.

Whether the elderly person is staying with a family member or on their own, there may have to be some adjustments made to the home to better fit their needs. Items such as railings, ramps, new bedding, and more can add up in cost. 

Pros of Hospital Care

The biggest advantage of hospital care is that skilled medical professionals are always available, so timely treatments can be administered if health begins to deteriorate. Assistance is also available for cleaning, walking, bathing or dressing, and meals are always ready.

24-hour care in a hospital setting is usually the last resort for people who need a high level of attention following severe illness or a medical emergency. For instance, someone who has had a heart attack may need to be hospitalized in the short term. Once their health improves, they can consider home care.

Hospital care may also be recommended for people who need a lot of care, and whose family members are not available to ease the burden on-at-home caregivers. But before your loved one is admitted to the hospital, make sure that the staff-to-patient ratio is good enough to ensure that quality care will be provided.

Cons of Hospital Care

Unlike home care, hospitals have certain visiting hours where family members and friends can visit. This kind of support is beneficial to the patient, so it may be harder to leave knowing you only got a short period of time with them. 

Another negative for some is leaving an environment that they are comfortable in. Hospitals can make some uneasy, and it may be hard for the patient to adapt to a room that has other patients in it. However, these challenges can be overcome with support from loved ones. 


At the end of the day, you will know what is best for the family member based on their needs and level of sickness. Ideally, senior home care should allow your loved one to be around family and friends who can provide the necessary moral support and socialization to ensure the enjoyment of life. With the right kind of support from a reputable home care service agency, your loved ones can continue to enjoy their independence and dignity from the comfort of their home. Hospital care will only be necessary once they are completely dependent on caregivers and need round-the-clock access to skilled nursing services. If you’re looking for at-home care for your loved ones, contact us at C-Care Health Services today.

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