23 May 2016

How To Decide Whether Your Parents Need Homecare

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Many adult children with aging parents will inevitably find themselves in the position of deciding whether it might be time to look into homecare options. However, this decision is not always a black and white situation and you may find yourself unsure of whether or not the time is now. If you find yourself in this position, here are some signs to look for that will help point you in the right direction during this challenging time.

Do Your Parents Need Homecare?

  • Assess the Health of the The Primary Caregiver. The health of the primary caregiver must be good enough that you do not fear for his or her safety (or the safety of your parents). If your mother cares for your father but is prone to falling, for example, it might be time to look into homecare options. Pay close attention to their mobility. Similarly, if you notice any changes in mood, like symptoms of depression, it might signal that your parents are unable to cope with the demands placed on them without additional help. This is another sign that homecare should be considered.
  • Are They Losing Weight? If your parents are losing weight, this might mean that they lack the energy to prepare meals. This is a concern because a lack of proper nutrition can negatively impact their health. In this case, it might be beneficial to look into homecare options that involve a professional cooking meals for your parent(s).
  • Is Their Forgetfulness Putting Them at Risk? While you will want to monitor small signs of forgetfulness like forgetting to pay bills, you also want to assess whether their level of forgetfulness is putting their safety at risk. For example, do they forget to turn off the stove? Do they forget to take their daily medication? Are they asking questions over and over? Are they forgetting or confused about tasks they once did with ease? If their forgetfulness is jeopardizing their safety, this is a big sign that it is time to look into homecare.
  • Assess Their Ability to Maintain Personal Hygiene. Are your parents wearing the same clothes every day? Are they not bathing regularly? If you notice visible changes in their ability to maintain their personal hygiene, it may be a signal that they do not have the energy for such tasks or that they are not remembering to do them. In either scenario, failure to maintain personal cleanliness is a sign that they could benefit from homecare.
  • Assess Their Ability to Keep Up with Household Tasks. You might find that your parents are unable to keep up with household tasks. This is problematic because the clutter might pose a threat to their safety – for example, it could potentially cause falls. Again, a lack of household cleanliness is a sign that your parents have less energy or possibly are having memory problems. Homecare will be beneficial for your parents if you notice that they can’t keep up with household tasks.

Homecare allows people to retain their independence while taking the burden off of them so they are free to enjoy their lives. Our team of professionals at C-Care offer high-quality, affordable and personalized homecare services. Contact us today for more.

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