8 May 2017

Should You Choose A Nursing Home Or 24-hour Care?

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Your parent or loved one has reached a point in their life when they can no longer care for themselves. This might mean physically, mentally or both. So what is the next step? Should you let them remain in their home with 24-hour care or take the step of choosing a long term care facility such as a nursing home or retirement home.

Choosing A Nursing Home Or 24-Hour Care

Let’s take some time and weigh the pros and cons.

Monetary Considerations

Everyone must decide whether it makes sense financially to bring in 24-hour care and have your loved one remain in their home. Would it be better to sell their home and move them into a nursing facility?

Of course, there are multiple considerations. Will their insurance, long-term care insurance, or pension provide the financial requirements needed for 24-hour care? Would selling the home give you the ability to move them to a nursing home?

Emotional Considerations

Is your senior willing to move or are they too attached to their home? Will moving affect their emotional state and cause them to decline? Many questions to evaluate and only you and your loved one can answer.

Beginning The Conversation

Inevitably, you must sit and talk with you parent or loved one to discuss the situation you are both faced with. It will be easier if they are aware of their needs. Less so, if they don’t recognize the issues that are in front of them. If dementia is involved, tread lightly and possibly involve their minister or primary care physician.

If there are mobility issues, that is a place to start. If they have had instances of falling, you can begin to discuss solutions. Your loved one’s safety is of utmost concern.

One Step At A Time

Once you reach the mutual understanding that help is needed in some form, you can start slowly. Delineate their daily needs, bathing, dressing, meals, bathroom issues, mobility, and possible alterations to the home. If they are adamant that they do not wish to leave their surroundings, begin to work out the logistics to keep them in their home, if possible.

Involve a professional who can counsel you on what changes must occur to keep the home safe.

It will be important to explain that a caregiver will be coming to help them with all these care needs. Some seniors are afraid and embarrassed of strangers coming to their home, and especially performing such private duties. Assure them you will only permit caregivers they approve of.

C-Care Home Services has experienced professional caregivers available for 24-hour home care so your loved one receives the assistance they need in familiar surroundings. Many options are available to suit your needs.

If after careful consideration of all the facts, you decide it is best to move your loved one to a nursing facility, they can still receive personal care.

Whatever the final decision C-Care will always be there to provide assistance. Contact us.

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