22 May 2017

The Benefits Of Home Care Assistance For Veterans

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No part of our population is more deserving than those who have put their lives on the line for us – our veterans. But as they age, it is a tough challenge to get them to admit they need home care assistance. They take pride in their independence and many deny they need help at all.

 Home Care Assistance For Veterans

From injuries due to warfare, post traumatic stress, or simple aging, many of our vets need and can benefit from home care assistance.

Vets With Limited Mobility

Maybe they have sustained an injury from service. Maybe it originated from a fall at home. Either way, a vet with a physical disability needs assistance getting around, preparing meals, going shopping or simply going to the bathroom.

Home care assistance can provide for an improved quality of life and address safety concerns as well. The typical veteran doesn’t want to ask for help. They have been trained to be the one giving the assistance. A home care agency can provide as much assistance as needed to improve their quality of life.

Aging Veterans

Everyone loses strength as they age and veterans are no different. Simple tasks like getting in and out of bed, going up and down the stairs, and maintaining their balance become more difficult with each passing year. As strength diminishes, physical exercise should become an integral part of each day. Home care assistance can provide the essential routine of a simple exercise regimen to maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

In addition a home care agency can supplement the other needs of living alone: help with medications, doctor visits, housekeeping and laundry.

Emotional Support and Companionship

As vets lose their “buddies” with the passing of time, they have fewer people to share memories with. Although family members try to spend as much time as they can with their loved one, you can’t be there all the time. In addition, as a son, daughter or granddaughter, you are not trained to handle all the issues that will arise on any given day. Feelings of isolation can become overwhelming for a vet who needs emotional support. Only a home care agency can provide the assistance your loved one needs, and when they need it.

Home care assistance can also offer the needed companionship many of our veterans crave to reduce stress and lead a productive and happy life.

If you know a veteran in need of home care assistance, contact C-Care Health Services for more information about our affordable home care for veterans.

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