2 Apr 2018

5 Exercises to Boost Senior Heart Health

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According to C-Care, there are numerous ways to improve cardiovascular health for seniors. This includes increasing healthy habits like exercise and neglecting unhealthy ones such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Nutrition comprises a big part of maintenance and prevention of related heart diseases and stroke. To ensure a healthy cardiovascular system, heed the following nutritional measures:

5 Exercises To Boost Senior Heart Health

Get proper amounts of potassium as it is a vital mineral that assists in lowering blood pressure, and prevent strokes. To boost cardiac health, consume the following potassium-rich foods: beans and legumes, yogurt, milk (1% or fat-free), vegetable juice, bananas (both green and ripe) and potatoes. Moreover, other food items containing potassium can be incorporated into your diet and snacks.

An elderly should consume the right amount of healthy fats, while staying away from saturated and unhealthy fats. Making food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids should be a regular dietary routine. Fish such as salmon, mackerel, or sardines are an excellent source of such fats.

Lowering cholesterol which is necessary only in small amounts and is produced by the liver is crucial to cardiac health. When you eat saturated fats and food with high cholesterol such as eggs, dairy, and red meat, unhealthy cholesterol accumulates in the body. The cholesterol then builds up in the arteries, raising one’s risk of heart disease and stroke. To counter such effects and decrease cholesterol levels, consume foods containing healthy fats or soluble fiber. The following foods can replace high-cholesterol foods: turkey, chicken, or salmon burgers instead of beef; quinoa instead of rice; nuts and nut butter instead of cheese; plain yogurt instead of sour cream.

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