7 Jun 2019

Senior Care: Consider Your Options

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senior care

Does your loved one require attentive care at least once a day? If so, it’s time to consider your options.  When it comes to senior care, there is a wide range of plans out there to choose from. But it’s important first to understand your health conditions and what the best care options are for you. Here we’ll outline what you need to think about and all the options that are available.

Nursing or Retirement Home

Nursing or retirement home care is an option to consider. However, not all facilities offer dedicated services or properly trained medical staff. Fortunately, personal support and nursing care can be arranged to provide a more tailored service. Private care can ensure that you or your loved one gets the right amount of care for their particular condition.

Home Care

Some people prefer the comfort of their own home to a retirement or nursing home. Being in a familiar environment can also enhance their quality of life and preserve their dignity. Unfortunately, not all health care plans cover home care needs, especially if you or a loved one needs around-the-clock care. That’s where private home care services can come into play.  In-home care gives individuals the personal attention they need to recover from illness. Staff will help patients with minor and major illnesses and cognitive decline to maintain daily routines and assure rehabilitative protocols are followed.

Hospital or Facility

Sometimes hospital care is necessary if your grandparents or parents have ongoing health issues that need a greater level of care. However, long-term health care facilities are often overwhelmed by the number of patients and budget cuts, which also makes it difficult for patients to get specialized care. To ensure you have the senior care that you require, private in-hospital care can be arranged. Permanent or temporary in-hospital care can also be tailored to your needs – a few hours a day or 24 hours a day, even on short notice. Private care can also be a direct line to staff, which is especially beneficial when hospital staff is caring for a large number of patients at once.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is effective at minimizing the symptoms of illness and enhancing the quality of life. Those with serious illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALC can greatly benefit from such care. However, not all palliative care facilities are created equal. Personal support workers often play a vital role in contributing to support care in these types of facilities. They can ensure that medication is administered on time, around the clock monitoring is conducted, and personal care, such as grooming and feeding, is regularly maintained. Families who cannot be there as often as they like can gain comfort knowing that someone is there providing companionship and care.

C-Care has become a leading provider of affordable quality care services. Our personal support and nursing care services can be applied to any location and condition. Whether you need home care, hospital care, nursing or retirement home care, or palliative support – we have you covered! We can tailor our services to whatever you need. So even if you want an hour a day or around-the-clock support, we can help. Our staff is fully trained in all types of health conditions such as post-surgery rehabilitation, dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, ALS, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and muscular dystrophy.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you get the adequate care you need. Contact us or call us at 1-416-724-2273.

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