8 Aug 2016

Exploring The Dangers Of Seniors Living Alone

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Most seniors have a preference for living in their own homes. However, this presents its own set of dangers for seniors that you should be aware of.

The Dangers Of Seniors Living Alone

  • Falls and Other Injuries
    The combination of declining eyesight, safety hazards and medications that may disrupt balance can lead to an increased risk of falls and other injuries. This can lead to broken hips and other serious injuries. Broken hips are especially linked to a number of other health complications.
  • Decreased Safety: Prone to House Fires
    Elderly people are at an increased risk of having house fires and other potentially fatal accidents due to memory problems, which makes it more likely that they will forget to turn off the stove and other appliances.
  • Poor Mental Health: Increased Risk of Depression
    Studies have shown a number of factors that contribute to poor mental health and particularly depression in those living alone. One factor is an increase in social isolation and loneliness, both of which are associated with a decreased quality of life and an increased risk of dying. One study also found that loneliness is associated with declining mentally at a faster rate and an increased risk of dementia.
  • Medication Mistakes
    Seniors living alone are at an increased risk of making medication mistakes – whether taking too much or too little or mixing medications. The worrying part of this is that these mistakes don’t usually involve rare medication – they are the medications that seniors take every day. Another issue is that seniors may forget to take their medication altogether. Overall, medication mistakes can lead to hospitalizations and serious health consequences.
  • Poor Nutrition
    Seniors are at risk for poor nutrition, including dehydration; this is because they are less likely to make nutritious meals and choose snacks with little nutrition in them. This poor nutrition is the basis for additional health problems, such as poor immune systems and an increased risk of pneumonia.

There are alternatives to senior homes that allow your loved ones to remain at home but in a safe way. If your loved one is having trouble managing his or her medication, has poor eyesight or is unable to keep up with daily chores, these are only a few of the signs that they are at an increased risk and that they could greatly benefit from additional help.

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