9 Aug 2019

5 Meaningful Gifts for Your Grandparents

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5 Meaningful Gifts for Your Grandparents

Not sure what to get your grandparents for their next birthday or Christmas? Here’s a list of 5 meaningful gifts that your grandparents will absolutely love!

A Lunch Date With You

Your grandparents want nothing more to spend some quality time with the people they love – and that especially goes for their grandkids. So what better way to get some real one-on-one time than to take them out to lunch? Taking your grandparents out to their favourite restaurant is a meaningful way to say thanks for all they do for you while spending some time together.

Digital Picture Frame

Collecting some favourite family photos and placing them into a digital frame for your grandparents is an excellent way to keep special moments on display and remind them of memories they’ll cherish forever. Plus, they can always add new photos to the collection as they please. Just make sure to show them how it all works.

Artwork By You

You don’t have to be an artist to make something sentimental that your grandparents will adore. A DIY craft, art piece or even a knitting piece will delight them. Just be prepared to have your art piece put on display for all eyes to see! 

Pushpin Map

Grandparents are incredibly proud of their grandkids. If you’re a bit of a world traveller, why not get them a pushpin world map where they can track all of your destinations. They might even start using it themselves to track where the whole family has travelled to and to help plan out their next getaway.

Personalized Mug

A personalized grandpa or grandma mug is always a welcomed gift. And now you can make your own designs and get them printed and delivered right to their front door. Try Vistaprint, Walmart, or PrintWell for ideas and custom printing services.

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