13 Dec 2017

3 Benefits Social Interaction Provides For Seniors

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‘No man is an island’ holds true for everyone, young and old, but especially for our senior population. We all need consistent social interaction to enhance our life experiences.

 Social Interaction For Seniors

Seniors need social interaction for healthy physical aging. This is especially true for Alzheimer patients in Toronto.

Let’s take a look at 3 benefits social interaction provides seniors.

Improves A Senior’s Purpose And Feeling Of Belonging

Having friends, making new friends, and companionship in general all contribute to a sense of community. This sense of belonging keeps seniors feeling that they are part of the world around them. Seniors should strive to maintain friendships as long as possible, and those involved in Alzheimer’s care in Toronto should facilitate this social interaction.

Even if a senior is confined to a limited setting, it’s important to find ways to give them an opportunity to interact and help others. Listening to another senior, reading to them or helping others to learn a hobby are all ways to enrich their lives and help them feel productive and useful.

Find ways to increase the number of social encounters for seniors. Not only will this give them a sense of security and a renewed purpose, but it will foster vitality.

Improves Physical And Emotional Health

According to recent research by the NIH (National Institute of Health) staying socially active combats loneliness and depression. Conversely, social isolation and loneliness have both a negative physical and a nagative emotional impact on seniors.

Participating in community activities and maintaining friendships and social interactions:

  • Can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Helps maintain memory and cognitive function

Contributes To The Quality And Length Of Life

Keeping active both socially and physically can help a senior’s brain become more resilient. Simple activities like walking with a companion or a group leads to a healthy heart, which in turn increases blood flow to the brain. The more a senior interacts with others the more it will aid in memory and cognitive function.

Tips To Stay In Touch

If you are a senior or if you are involved with Alzheimer’s care in Toronto, there are many ways for seniors to remain socially active and in touch with their environment.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or at the local library reading to children.

Join or start a book club or play cards with others.

Plan regular visits with the grandchildren.

Staying socially active is a critical part of healthy aging. Just because a senior is no longer working, doesn’t mean they can’t have a fulfilling social life.

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