23 Apr 2018

Preparing to Care for a Loved One with Dementia

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Dementia is an illness found on people who have lost their brain comprehension. For family and loved ones of dementia patients, learning to adjust to their behaviors can be difficult. Daily, simple tasks become hard to maneuver when put through a mental illness like dementia. The earlier stages of dementia include symptoms similar to alzheimer’s such as short-term memory loss that can affect one’s everyday functions. Symptoms also include obstructed communication with others. Dementia patients find it hard to make sense of their thoughts. They lose a sense of who they were before the illness. They act confused and struggle to know why they complete certain tasks or go somewhere.

Preparing To Care For A Loved One With Dementia

Aging is a big factor in dementia development. On top of the typical advisory care elders may already need in order to tackle their health problems, dementia patients need utmost, specialized care. Though dementia is not a curable mental disorder, it advances in a series of stages from moderate to severe. The earlier the dementia can be detected, the earlier patients can decide their care options for themselves. Patients may choose a lifestyle fitting to their needs entering the advanced stages of dementia.

Health providers of dementia patients recommend empathy and deep patience from those who surround dementia patients. Truth is, once the patients are in the middle of it, they will no longer have much agency to execute the normal things they used to. They need support above all else, and positive people to try understanding them and their needs. Because of the sudden strokes of confusion in dementia patients, a specialized caregiver is essential in the case of strenuous physical movements that may bring about injuries or accidents.

Dementia health doctors concentrate on building trust with the patient in order to gain access into their thoughts and feels to foster communication. Specialists also provide medical analyses over time. They will assess the growth stage of dementia to decide on the best recourse for each patient.

C-Care is a primary health provider offering personal services to either dementia patients or via close communication with their primary care providers, loved ones or family. C-Care offers personal services at-home or at other healthcare locations. The specialists can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on the selected plan. Physicians also assist with everyday activities that are otherwise hard for the dementia patients and their primary caregivers. Activities include patient bathing and grooming, physical therapy, exercise or walking, nourishment, and lying in bed. The physician is also specialized to prepare patients’ given environments. This includes making the patient’s home hazard-free and tracking their conditions or progress.

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