17 Aug 2021

Day-to-Day Activities for Dementia Patients

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Day-to-Day Activities for Dementia PatientsWhen a loved one is living with dementia, it’s a difficult situation for both sides of the proverbial table. However, the experience does not have to be a stressful, upsetting one for anyone. With the right activities and means of stimulation, dementia patients can enjoy each day, every day! Let’s spotlight some of these excellent activities to help you determine which is right for your loved one.

Memory-Related Games

With memory games, it’s a good idea to avoid solutions that will easily upset your loved one. So, in that sense, you’re better off not trying to get them to recall who is in a picture, for instance. Instead, simple matching games are a safe bet. Word searches and crosswords are extremely popular for this reason, as well as board games that aren’t too complicated or stressful for them.

Creative Outlets

A day behind the easel, simply created without any burdens, is a blessing for loved ones living with dementia. It’s a freeing exercise that also stimulates the mind, letting them choose where the brush glides across the canvas without any consequences. Provide them with a vibrant and fun set of colours to work with and see them bring a beautiful creation of their own making to life! If this sounds too messy and they’re not into fingerpainting (or you’re not into cleaning up afterwards!) then consider alternatives like sketching, quilting, or ever-popular knitting. Just be sure they can be trusted with whichever tools you provide, and don’t leave them unsupervised. Do not give them anything sharp or swallowable at any time.


If your loved one’s dementia hasn’t progressed to the point where reading a novel is a chore, now’s the time to provide them with plenty of exciting, immersive reading material. Reading and writing acts as a therapeutic form of escapism for many, serving as an inspiration and means of creativity. This is especially handy for loved ones who have a hard time with mobility and need to remain at home or in a certain room.

Musical Instruments

Even if they hit all the wrong notes, letting a loved one hammer away on a keyboard or strum a ukulele hits all the right ones in terms of mental stimulation and excitement. This is a great way to keep them focused, if perhaps even distracted, so that they can remain in a positive and entertained mood. 

There’s no shortage of safe and fun ways to keep your loved one with dementia enjoying each day as it comes. This is just the beginning, and we highly encourage you to research the many other fun activities out there that are suitable for them! If you require assistance with looking after your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us at C-Care. We’re happy to help with compassionate, integrity-focused caregiving that doesn’t forget the fun factor. 

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