12 Jul 2019

How to Care for Someone Post-Surgically

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How to Care for Someone Post-Surgically

Do you have a loved one who is about to head into surgery? If so, it’s important to have a plan in place to deal with their post-operative care. If you forget to plan for this accordingly, your loved one could face difficulties, complications and extensive pain following their discharge from the hospital. To ensure you’ve properly prepared for everything involved, follow this quick guide that outlines how to care for someone post-surgically.

Speak With The Doctor

Every surgical procedure has different post-operative care needs. Pain management and wound care will also widely differ by patient, so it’s important to discuss your loved one’s special needs with their doctor before the surgery. The appointment will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible about the surgery and recovery procedures. The doctor will provide you with a list of instructions, will outline the potential side effects, and teach you about any complications to look out for following the procedure. The more you know and the more time you have to prepare, the better. 

Follow Instructions

It’s essential that you follow the doctor’s instructions once the patient is in your care. Medications should be administered as advised, conditions regularly monitored, and follow-up appointments adhered to. If any complications arise or if there are changes to their condition that alarm you, don’t hesitate to contact the doctor immediately. And don’t forget to follow up periodically after the surgery. In many cases, the instructions may need to be revised depending on how well the patient is recovering. 

Ask For Help

Caregiving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Preparing their meals, bathing them, administering medication, cleaning wounds, helping them exercise, and watching them around the clock can be taxing on those who do not have any professional experience in the medical field. However, appropriate and attentive care is necessary for a patient’s recovery, so If you find that you’re struggling with your duties, ask for help. Your doctor can recommend a professional caregiving service in the area if you need assistance caring for someone post-surgically. 

You should never feel guilty about asking for help. Caregiving is a difficult task, and there is help readily available when you need it! At C-Care Health Services, we understand what people need after surgery and can provide high-quality home care services for all types of health issues. Our staffing services ensure that a professionally trained caregiver will attend to all your loved ones’ needs and maintain the protocol necessary to improve their recovery process. You can learn more about our post-surgical nursing services and request a quote right online by visiting our website.


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