26 Sep 2016

How To Foster A Good Relationship With Your Caretaker

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The caregiver and patient relationship is a special one: it is a bond that can improve the quality of life and even promote healing. For some, it may be one of their primary relationships—therefore, it is important that the relationship is a strong one.

The Patient-Caregiver Bond

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the the relationship won’t have its challenges, especially at the beginning. Due to the stressful setting for both patient and caregiver, patience may wear thin. Despite this, however, fostering a good relationship with your caretaker is very possible. Here’s how to do that.

Tips For Patients:

  • Get Comfortable with Asking for Help

    Learning to ask for help is perhaps the most important step in developing a high level of communication with your caretaker. This high-level of communication will ensure that you receive the best possible care. Learning to ask for help will also help to build a strong foundation of trust between you and your caregiver as well.

  • Avoid Getting Frustrated (Strive for Compassion)

    Just as you would want your caregiver to avoid getting frustrated (indeed, this can cause a lot of tension and lead to a strained relationship), you need to be patient with your caregiver as he or she becomes comfortable with you and your unique needs and preferences. In other words, it can be helpful to see your caregiver through a compassionate lens so that feelings of frustration remain at bay.

  • Be Positive and Have an Open Mind

    A relationship cannot turn into a strong bond if you are already skewed against that person and their help from the very beginning. In other words, it is important to have an open mind. If you had some reservations about accepting help, change your perception. Think of it as an opportunity to meet someone new and as an opportunity to develop a long-lasting friendship. Be positive in other ways, too; be respectful and exercise forgiveness.

  • Be Appreciative and Encouraging

    You can foster a good relationship with your caregiver by expressing your appreciation and encouragement. This will allow your caregiver feel supported, which will create a strong foundation for a great relationship.

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