26 Nov 2021

5 Signs it’s Time to Hire Home Care Professionals

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5 Signs it's Time to Hire Home Care Professionals

As our loved ones get older, changes can occur rapidly or unexpectedly. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to give up their independence at home. Hiring a professional caregiver can provide the at-home support and assistance required so they can still live their life to the fullest while enjoying the comforts of their own home. If you’ve been taking care of a loved one but their needs have increased, it might be time to seek help. 

Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to hire experienced and compassionate home care professionals.

Noticeable Changes in Appearance or Behaviour

Has your senior loved one started to look abnormally dishevelled? If their personal appearance and hygiene have become noticeably different, this is a common sign that something has changed with their mental and/or physical health. These subtle shifts are usually indications that it’s becoming increasingly challenging for them to take care of themselves.

Unsanitary Home Environment

When you visit your loved one, is their home starting to look almost unsanitary? Living in these kinds of conditions is a clear indication that additional help is needed to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy space for them to live in.  

Missed Medication

Forgetting to take medications can become a serious hazard to their health. If your parents or aging friends are missing their meds, this could indicate that there’s a decline with their memory. Having supervised medication reminders might be necessary.

Weight Loss

Cooking can become dangerous, especially if a loved one suffers from any conditions with memory or balance. Proper nutrition is important for seniors, so if they look like they aren’t getting the calories and nutrients they need, it may be time to help them with this as well.

Depression and Loneliness

Spending a significant amount of time alone can lead to loneliness and depression, and unfortunately, this is quite common among seniors. Even if your parents are able to live independently, remember that isolation can contribute to a decline in both their physical and mental health. If they are spending a majority of time on their own or are showing signs of depression or disinterest in regular activities, additional care and companionship could be a huge benefit to them.

C-Care is here to offer any additional at-home support that your loved ones may need. Whether it’s on a part-time basis or around the clock, we provide professional and experience-driven services to help your aging parent lead an enriching life in the comfort of their home. Contact us today to learn more.

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