17 Jan 2020

How to Reduce the Effects of Social Isolation

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How to Reduce the Effects of Social Isolation

With the snow, sub-zero temperatures, and icy conditions outside, many seniors will be cooped up inside and left isolated for long periods of time throughout the winter. To help keep their physical and mental health optimized, here’s how to reduce the effects of social isolation throughout the season and year-round.

Weekly Family Dinners

Invite your parents over for dinner once or twice a week. You can cook together, learn a few of their classic recipes, and spend quality time together. This will brighten their weeks by giving them something consistent to look forward to while keeping them socially engaged with the family.

Card Games

Card games are a simple and fun way to meet up with others, invite the neighbours over or join in on a community game. Encourage your loved ones to take up a few of the classic games like Bridge, Euchre, Hearts or Gin Rummy. Card games not only get them socially active, but they’re also good for stimulating the brain since they force us to be strategic.

Join a Class

Whether it’s a workshop, a cooking class or an exercise class, joining a class is where many seniors connect with others their age and develop lasting friendships. Classes also help to create long-term habits, which means they’ll likely continue or take something similar once they see how much fun it can be for getting out and connecting with others.


Volunteering is an excellent way for seniors to break free from social isolation while also finding a sense of purpose in their day to day lives. There are always local communities in need of volunteers at all age brackets. You can explore opportunities nearby online and get them involved. They’ll be able to help others while making new friends.

Pursue a Hobby

There’s no better time to pursue a hobby than in your golden years. Knitting, golf, baking, painting – wherever their interests lie, encourage them to keep it up and make more time for those activities that they love. They can even find a meetup group or class that’s based on their hobby.

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