18 Dec 2020

Helping Seniors Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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Helping Seniors Make the Most of the Holiday Season

If you’re feeling worried about your parents’ wellbeing this Christmas, there are still some ways you can maintain old family traditions and even create some new ones while keeping the holiday spirit alive. Here are some tips for helping seniors make the most of the holiday season this year.

Make New Traditions

Even if you can’t enjoy the traditions that you’re used to celebrating with family, you can make a few new ones this year so you can still make the most of your time spent together. Hosting a video chat party is a great way to make them feel included and loved. Show them what you’re planning to bake, go over some of their favourite recipes that you want to try or even bake something together while they’re on video chat with you. It’ll make them feel included and like they’re almost right there with you. You can also make crafts together, video chat when the kids are decorating the tree or show them the decorations around your home.

Reminisce About Fond Memories

Reminiscing about old memories is one of the best ways to put a smile on their face. Whether it’s a chat over the phone or a face to face video call, instead of dwelling on what’s happening this year, focus on all of the happy moments that you’ve shared in the past. Talk about your favourite moments spent together, decorating the tree, playing in the snow, and anything else they enjoy. You can even pull out old albums and go through them together over video chat.

Send Them a Gift

Send them something that will put a smile on their face, like a special gift from the grandkids, a care package of things they adore or even some of those home-baked goods you made together. 

Visit Them from a Distance

If you live within close proximity, pay them a visit from a distance. Give them a call and talk with them over the phone while you wave to them, and bring the kids along so they can enjoy some face to face time, even if it’s limited. 

Set Up a Movie Watching Party

If they have Netflix or Zoom, you can watch movies together. Watch parties are ideal when you can’t be together. Just find a few holiday movies that they love, get the popcorn fired up and enjoy a night of watching classic Christmas movies together.

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