21 Aug 2017

Best Computer Based Activities For Seniors

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Today’s seniors are active and want to remain as youthful as possible for as long as possible. According to the Pew Research Center, over 55% of senior adults aged 65 and older have a home computer. How much that computer is used is up for debate. If you care for a senior and your goal is to help them stay active, socialize better, and become more involved in the community, increasing their online and tech skills is a good way to start.

Understanding and utilizing technology will help seniors stay connected to the world and their families, and encourage them to be more productive. Computer based activities for seniors are both mentally stimulating and fun.

Computer Based Activities For Seniors

Simple Computer Based Activities


If your senior has any computer skills at all, signing up for Facebook is easy. In fact, seniors are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. 62% of online adults 65 and older now use Facebook frequently. Facebook is the best way to connect them to friends, grandchildren and other family members. It is a great way for seniors to watch their grandchildren grow and see photos of special occasions, especially if they live far from some members of the family.

The Internet In General And Email

It seems obvious, but being able to connect with the world can be a way to overcome loneliness. The internet can act as a support tool and provide educational information for seniors. If your senior is homebound and uses home care services in Toronto, their computer or laptop can open up the world to them.


You may need to set this site up for them, but Skype is a wonderful way for seniors to communicate with loved ones. They can connect on Facebook or through email to plan for the best time, then see loved ones face to face for a conversation. What a fun experience for a senior missing their young or grown grandchildren.


If your senior is interested in politics, the entertainment industry, or has special hobbies, this site will really challenge them once they become familiar with how to use it.

Seniors today range from stay at home/disabled elders who need health care services, to active thrill seekers. No matter where your older adult fits on this scale, computer based activities can help delay the decline in mental ability. Overall, greater use of technology and social media is associated with better mental ability and cognitive skills. Encourage them and help them stay in touch! C-Care Health Services stands ready to assist with any home care service your require.

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