13 Dec 2019

5 Ways to Get Your Aging Loved Ones into the Holiday Spirit

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5 Ways to Get Your Aging Loved Ones into the Holiday Spirit

There’s just something about the holidays that always feels a little magical. From the social get-togethers to Christmas tree shopping, to the nostalgic lights and decorations strewn along streets and in homes – the holidays make us feel a little more alive during the dark and cold winter months. For seniors, however, this time of year can be particularly difficult to endure with limited ability to get around and stay active and engaged with others. For families with aging loved ones, wintertime is when they really need us the most for beating those winter blues. To help, here are some thoughtful ways to get your aging loved ones into the holiday spirit this year and every year.

Enjoy Some Family Traditions Together

Family traditions are what the holidays are all about. It’s a trip down memory lane for many of us and it’s what brings us all together. Make the holiday season a time to reminisce with your senior loved ones, sharing those fond memories that they always love to look back on. Bring out old family videos and photos, and create some new ones by making holiday crafts, Christmas cards or knitting together.

Bake Together

We all know that the holiday season is the baking season. And nothing smells or tastes better than grandma’s cooking. So why not get them to teach you or the grandkids how to whip up some of your favourite baked goods. This is a great way to get the kids and grandparents to spend more quality time together while also making new memories at the same time. Plus, it’ll mean so much to them when they know that their recipes will be carried on.

Bring Them Along to Holiday Outings

If you plan to go shopping for Christmas decorations, catch a Broadway show or visit Santa’s shop with the kids, invite them along with you. Participating in family outings can brighten their entire week and get them into the holiday spirit, even if it’s a trip to a local café for some hot chocolate.

Host a Movie Night

Another great idea is hosting a Christmas movie night. Bring the kids, fire up the popcorn and cocoa, and watch some classic movies together.

Take a Family Photo

One tradition that’s always a hit is having a big family photo taken every year for the holidays. It gets the entire family together, sharing in those special moments that mean the most to our aging loved ones.

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