22 Feb 2019

5 Memories of Your Parents During their Senior Years You’ll Never Forget

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5 Memories of Your Parents During their Senior Years You’ll Never Forget

The profound impact that parents have on us is something many of us don’t fully realize until we reached a certain age. And often it’s in ways that we could never have imagined. As we watch our parents reach into their golden years of retirement, we get to see them in a whole new light as they finally get to kick back and enjoy their life on their own terms. That’s why there are always fond memories of your parents during their senior years that you’ll never forget. Here are our top 5 that you might be able to relate to.


When your parents reach a certain age, there usually comes a time when they’re ready to downsize to something more suitable for two since there are no more kids to run after. Helping them pack up and say goodbye to the family home is always a memory that stays with you for a lifetime.

When It’s Your Turn To Help Them

When the tides have changed and suddenly it’s your turn to help take care of them, it can feel like a bittersweet moment when you can reciprocate all of the time, energy and sacrifices they’ve made over the years to help you. Whether it’s taking them to the airport, being their DD for bingo night, or reaching out in other ways, being there for them and showing your love and support is always a rewarding feeling.

Seeing Them Rediscover Their Passion

When we’re younger, we always think of our parents as being busy bees working or running around after us, not always getting time to do what they enjoy. But once the senior years hit, it’s nice to be able to see them finally slow down and do what they want. This is a time when they get to take up new hobbies and rediscover old or new passions, like travelling, roaring down the open road on their dream Harley Davidson, or spending endless days perfecting their backswing on the golf course. Seeing them happy, relaxed and finally thinking of themselves for a change is another happy memory to cherish of your parents during their senior years.

Seeing Their Excitement With Grandkids

There’s no doubt about it – announcing to your parents that they’re going to be grandparents is always a moment of utter joy for them. So much so that it may take you by surprise when you’re left wondering if they were that excited when they had you (we’re sure they were!). But the excitement of this new chapter is certainly one that you’ll never forget.


As your parents reach into their senior years, you may find that birthdays and even the holidays and other family celebrations become a little extra special. Recognizing the reality of how fast time really flies makes us all slow down and learn to really enjoy and cherish those special moments we get to spend with our entire family around the table.

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