17 Feb 2022

4 Ways to Help Seniors Manage Chronic Pain

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4 Ways to Help Seniors Manage Chronic Pain

Is your parent or senior loved one experiencing chronic pain? If they’re suffering from discomfort on a daily basis that has persisted for several months, then it’s considered chronic. There can be a number of reasons that cause pain to flare up and continue for a prolonged period of time. And anyone who is experiencing it will tell you just how exhausting it can be. Though it’s not always possible to stop the pain from persisting, there are some effective ways to reduce and manage it to improve their quality of life. If you’re looking for ways to help seniors manage chronic pain, here are some of the best approaches.

Improve Their Diet

What we eat defines how the body and mind will function, so be mindful of a senior loved one’s diet. If they are eating unhealthy and/or primarily processed foods, this will contribute to inflammation in their body, which is the main contributing factor to chronic disease and pain. Try to focus on including as many inflammation-reducing foods in their daily diet as possible, such as fatty fish, nuts, fruits and leafy greens. Avoid fried foods, sugar, processed meat and refined carbs.

Encourage Them to Stay Active

Even though exercise might seem counterintuitive to reducing pain, it can actually be extremely beneficial when it comes to managing it. Of course, the type of exercise that makes the most sense will depend on your loved one’s condition, but anything gentle like walking, swimming, or even chair yoga can be excellent options to consider that are easy and not intensive.

Manage and Reduce Stress

Stress can spike inflammation as well, which exacerbates pain. This is why it’s important to help seniors cope with and reduce their stress levels as much as possible. Practicing meditation, listening to soothing music, alleviating anxiety by limiting negative triggers, and spending time out in nature are all very effective ways to achieve this.

Avoid Toxic Habits and Ensure All Medications are Taken Appropriately

Smoking and drinking, even moderately, are two of the most common bad habits that increase pain, a risk that only increases with the level of consumption. Of course, heavier use also drastically increases the risk of developing an addiction or dependency, which can interfere with the senior’s ability to take crucial prescription medicines as they typically cannot mix. Medications should always be taken carefully and as instructed by a doctor or pharmacist.

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