7 Nov 2016

Tips To Speed Up Post-Surgery Recovery

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While surgery can be taxing on both the individual who is undergoing the surgery as well as on their caregivers, it is possible to increase the rate at which you heal after surgery. Here are some tips to speed up your post-surgery recovery. Follow Your Doctor’s Post-Op Instructions (And Don’t Skip Follow-Up Appointments) It is all too common for people not to follow the doctor’s post-op instructions or to do so but ignore parts that they deem unnecessary. To ensure the best recovery possible, it is important to follow all of the doctor’s post-op instructions. This is important even if you or the one you are caring for feels well physically. Not doing so could result in additional issues, from infections to excessive bleeding. Lastly, don’t skip follow-up appointments as your doctor will be able to see things that you will not be able to. Eat An Extra Healthy Diet…

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