28 Sep 2017

6 Ways To Remove The Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness

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Stigma is defined as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” You could also say stigma is a negative stereotype or attitude. Many people feel that way about those with a mental health condition. Unfortunately, for all of us this attitude or “judgement” about something or someone is quite common. This belief usually comes from lack of information. What Are Some Common Mental Health Disorders? The most common mental health disorders include: Major depression Obsessive compulsive disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Dementia due to substance abuse, inhalants, drugs, and alcohol abuse is also considered a mental health disorder. It’s safe to say many of us know someone with at least one of these mental health problems. So why is there so much stigma still attached to them and their condition? The most damaging result of this stigma is that those who suffer from…

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