10 Sep 2018

4 Tips for Knee Surgery Recovery

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After all of the stress and strain of preparing for a knee surgery, many Canadians do not follow optimized recovery plans. This often results in increased recovery times and a risk of relapse. To combat this, it is essential that you work with your doctor to prepare comprehensive pre-surgery and post-surgery recovery plans. C-Care has a number of trained professionals including Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and in-home nurses available to assist in post-surgery recovery. Our rehabilitative techniques help you ease your way back to full recovery with a specific routine that involves daily physical activity and exercise. Not only can this help improve your mobility while recovering, but it can speed up your recovery time and increase the likelihood of a full recovery. Although the relief of a successful surgery is great news, there is still a significant amount of work involved. It takes discipline and commitment to follow a…

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