18 Jul 2016

How To Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones On Track When It Comes To Personal Hygiene

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For caregivers and their aging family members, the amount of time dedicated to personal care can become physically and emotionally taxing. The elderly are often embarrassed or upset that they have to begin to rely on others to carry out basic personal hygiene tasks, and as a result often do not request the help they need in order to stay completely sanitary. Below are some tips on how to keep your elderly loved ones on track when it comes to personal hygiene. Settle on a bathing schedule. Coming up with a bathing schedule together allows you to ensure that an elderly family member is maintaining proper standards of hygiene, while allowing them a degree of autonomy in the formation of that schedule. This will mean that you are not at odds when it comes to when and how your elderly family member is going to take a bath, shower, sponge…

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