8 Nov 2017

How To Deal With Elderly Resistance

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If you are involved with elder care in Toronto, you have most likely encountered some resistance from your parent or loved one. It could be something simple like not wanting to leave the house as much as they used to, or more troubling issues like insisting on driving when it’s time to quit. Whatever issues you are facing, we will give you some pointers on how to deal with elderly resistance. Get To The Bottom Of The Resistance Regardless of the seriousness of the resistance, finding the cause is a good place to start. Try to figure out why they are being stubborn. This can help you as the caregiver understand and empathize with the situation, and ultimately to overcome their resistance. Some common causes of resistance are: Pride—they can’t handle certain tasks any longer or need extra help Guilt about being a burden to family Anger at their situation…

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