13 Mar 2020

5 Apps for Seniors

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5 Apps for Seniors

Mobile phone apps aren’t just for teenagers and young adults – there are a ton of handy apps that seniors will find useful and beneficial for their everyday lives. To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to help keep you or your aging loved one active, safe, social and engaged. Here are our top 5 favourite apps for seniors.

Stay Active with ParticipACTION

Do you feel as if though you’re not getting enough exercise throughout the day? This free app will encourage you to get moving towards your health and fitness goals. Through a vast database of workout plans, motivational tools, and how-to videos, the ParticipACTION app makes it incredibly easy to get in your daily dose of exercise no matter your fitness level or age. Best of all, it’s fully customizable and can also be synced with your favourite wearable device like your Fitbit or Apple watch so you can access it from anywhere. 

Get Medication Reminders with Medisafe

If you’re on two or three different prescriptions at a time, it can be challenging and frustrating to keep track of all the medications you need to take and when. Fortunately, the Medisafe app will help you manage them all. With personalized medication and refill reminders, you’ll never miss a dose or forget to pick up your next prescription. The app will also provide your designated caregiver with real-time alerts to help keep them informed.

Keep Your Mind Active with Audible

Get the world’s largest library sent directly to your mobile device. With Audible, you can get access to all your favourite audiobooks anytime from anywhere. For a low monthly fee (which is technically less than buying one book a month) you’ll get access to the entire library to download as many audiobooks as you like. Audiobooks are not draining on the eyes and you can enjoy your favourite novel anywhere!

Stay Connected With Skype

The Skype app lets you stay connected to those you love with ease. You can send messages, make phone calls and enjoy face-to-face chats online with all your family and friends via the internet. You can even connect to people through your mobile phone or landline for only a few extra dollars a month. And if you want to talk to the whole family at once, you can easily create a group chat and catch up with everyone in one sitting.

Get Around Easily with Uber

Tired of trying to order a taxi? Then it’s time to upgrade to Uber. Unlike a taxi service, you can hail an Uber directly from the app and it will let you know who your driver is and even show you the route they are taking. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, Uber will automatically charge the ride directly to your credit card – it’s that easy. It’s even cheaper than standard taxi fees, making it a particularly great option for seniors who need regular service to get around. Uber also has options for what size of vehicle you need if you are traveling or need to transport a wheelchair.

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